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Most Police Seizures of Cash Come from Blacks, Hispanics

Nearly two thirds of seizures of cash by Oklahoma law enforcement agencies come from blacks, Hispanics and other racial or ethnic minorities, an Oklahoma Watch analysis of high-dollar forfeiture cases in 10 counties shows....

Delinquent Payers of Ethics Fees Vary Widely

The political groups and candidates who refuse to pay late fees on time are wide-ranging. Here's a list of organizations from which the state Ethics Commission demanded payments of overdue fees in late 2013....

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District Audit Details Racial Discrepancy in OKC Schools Suspensions

An internal audit of Oklahoma City Public Schools, obtained by Oklahoma Watch, shows that some schools suspended up to more than half of their black students this school year....

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Asset Forfeiture: Do Police Seize Innocent People’s Money?

The debate over confiscation of cash and property by law officers in Oklahoma often revolves around whether innocent people are harmed. In this Oklahoma Watch investigation, read the story of William Cicco of Broken Arrow, and learn the amounts of cash most often seized by officers....

Oklahoma Lottery Sales

Which store in your area sells the most Lottery tickets? Which cities record the most sales? Find the answers in this interactive table....